Weirdest Ice Creams You Should Taste

Weirdest Ice Creams You Should Taste

Ice cream anyone?

Ever savoured all the ice cream flavours? Yes? Well, what if we said that you haven’t yet tasted these weird flavours from different parts of the world?

That’s right, because in this article we will share some of the most unusual flavours of ice cream you’ve ever heard of.

Crocodile Icecream

Would your taste buds accept crocodile ice cream flavour? Ring! Ring! This is the newest flavour that would certainly bring palate to your mouth. Crocodile Ice cream was first savoured in Davao, Philippines.

This rich ice cream never hides it’s secret ingredient, in fact, the makers are proud of it. Crocodile egg is what makes crocodile ice cream so special. The ice cream maker uses more egg yolk than white which makes it thicker than another ordinary ice cream. Its fresh crocodile egg combined with different fruit flavours can create a mouth-watering specialitly. You can choose: durian, mango, strawberry, pandan, vanilla, avocado, red dragon fruit, cookies and cream, coffee, cheese and Lanka as your preferred flavour. If you can’t stomach croc flavour ice cream then this is one flavour that some of us wish stays in the Philippines. That being said, you may consume this ice cream over some of the other flavours listed below.


Image credit: Coolhaus
Image credit: Coolhaus

Pizza-flavoured Pizza

The creation of the perfect pizza flavoured ice cream was never accidental but rather it was born out of the love of combining sweet and savoury foods. How does pizza flovoured ice cream sound to you? Coolhaus has produced different weird flavours like fried chicken, waffles, brown butter candied bacon, marbled rye whoopies and Reuben ice cream. But their best seller is the pizza flavoured ice cream. Everyone who visits the store tries their pizza flavour more than the other flavours.

You can try a “do-it-yourself” pizza-flavour ice cream. To create this mouth-watering ice cream; you need to have mascarpone, olive oil, a sundried tomato, fresh basil and a pinch of salt.

After all the chilling and the stirring, you are ready to taste-test the ice cream, though it may not be the same creaminess as the original pizza-flavour ice cream from coolhaus.

Sardines and Brandy ice cream

Have you ever tried this flavour before? Because some people did and say it creates a sensational experience. We want to share with you Venezuela’s sardines and brandy ice cream. People like this combination of the two flavours. Even though they might be very different in taste but they definitely compliment each other. At first taste, you get the strong flavour of brandy and a while later the sardines flavour kicks in, leaving your tongue full of a savoury and creamy taste. Japan offers this weird flavour so if you have the chance to visit this awesome country then do look out for this frosty-flavoury ice cream.



Horse meat Ice cream

You read it right, horse meat ice cream is made in Japan. There are several weird flavours aside from raw horse meat. But this one is something different. We never thought that we could actually eat horse meat without it ever tasting as delicious as this one.They made it creamier and we think they might have justified the odds.

Octopus Ice cream

As we were searching for different ice cream flavours, we never thought we would bump in to this one. Octopus with soy sauce ice cream indeed sounds awful but once you’ve tasted it, you surely would love it enough to go back to ice cream parlor to buy a second round.



Garlic Ice Cream

So much for creamy Ice creams, so maybe it’s time to try a new savoury flavour of ice cream. Garlic flavoured ice cream is something new to the ears and tongue. The unique taste actually complemented with honey as it produces more sweetness and a creamy flavour.

You can try to make some garlic ice cream with the following ingredients: whole milk, heavy cream, cloves of garlic (minced), egg yolks, honey, a pinch of salt and a pinch of white pepper. You can estimate the measurements accordingly as we don’t know the exact recipe lol.



Condom Ice Cream

Bizarre, we know! Once again the marvels of the world seem to amaze us. Simply snip the condom tip and gently squeeze to let the chocolate ice cream ooze out. Now how appetizing is that.



Breast Milk Ice Cream

London based ice cream shop ‘The Icecreamists’ caused a stir when they brought to market their breast milk ice cream, entitled Baby Gaga. The controversial ice cream flavour was developed using donations of fresh breast milk from members of the public which they blended with Madagascan vanilla pods and some lemon zest.



Spaghetti And Cheese Ice Cream

Found in an ice cream shop in Merida, Venezuela, that sells over 900 unusual flavors. This particular one is cheese flavored ice-cream with ground-up spaghetti pieces (no sauce).



Salad Ice Cream

Dieters in Japan have a best friend in salad ice cream. The strawberry base with lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers makes indulgences feel a little more virtuous, and it’s widely available in supermarkets.



Hummus Ice Cream

Israel’s ubiquitous spread doesn’t need pita any longer at Legenda Ice Cream in Jaffa. The shop’s hummus ice cream contains ground chickpeas, tahini, vanilla, and sugar. The result is a sweet take on hummus that tastes similar to halva, a dessert of tahini and honey.


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