Watermelon Diet: Effective For Weight Lose

Watermelon Diet: Effective For Weight Lose

Do you know that watermelon is a great provider of nutrients that are essential in losing weight?

Aside from its refreshing taste during hot weather, it can also be helpful as part of a healthy diet. However, how you use it will depend on your health situation. Now in this article, we’ll be discussing all the health benefits and the possible negative effects, and we’ll end everything by giving you a watermelon diet plan suggestion as a guide to achieving that healthy-slim-body.


What does it Contain?

Medical experts say that Watermelon is very much made up of water that results in preventing dehydration. Its 92% water content gives you the benefits of cleansing your body naturally. Therefore, watermelons can replace a certain amount of liquid that your body requires.

That being said, watermelons are a good source of fiber that helps make your digestion ‘stress-free’. It makes an individual feel full after eating it. With its positive results with obese people, many are eating a lot of foods with fiber in them.

Lycopene can also be found in watermelon – Lycopene is known for having phytonutrient that is important for good blood flow and heart function.

This fruit has less carbohydrates and sugars. Therefore, anyone who has diabetes can enjoy watermelons.

Too much caloric intake is one of the major reasons for being overweight, so watermelon is best for controlling it. Why? It has minimal calorie content.


Possible Side Effects

Watermelon could be risky if it’s not eaten in moderation. If not, it could lead to diarrhea, vomiting, bloating and ingestion problems. This diet is not good for children, those women who are pregnant, and people with liver disorder or watermelon allergies.


Suggested Watermelon Diet Plan

As we’ve mentioned above, we are going to provide you with a diet plan. So, here is a watermelon diet plan, which is followed by many people, that you may consider as a GUIDE for your watermelon diet. People have achieved great results with the watermelon deit but as with any deit it is down to the individual to do what is best for them. To avoid, unnecessary side effects, we recommend you to do this for 5 days.


Watermelon Diet

First Day

Breakfast: Brewed coffee, 4 halves of grain crackers, some healthy yogurt, then some slices of watermelon.

Lunch: A thin slice of grilled beef, any vegetable, sugar-free yogurt and a small amount of olive oil either in your cooking or as a dressing.

Dinner: Cooked fish, grilled artichoke with garlic, and a slice of watermelon.


Second Day

Breakfast: Milk flavor tea, 1 piece of low carb sliced bread.

Lunch: Small plate of mashed cauliflower, roasted chicken (2 medium pieces), Greek yogurt.

Dinner: Asparagus soup without any fatty ingredients, cooked fish, and some watermelon juice.


Third Day

Breakfast: Coffee with non-fat milk, whole grain cracker (one piece), baked turkey meat (2 slices), watermelon (2 half slices).

Lunch: Any grilled seafood (1 piece), small plate of any vegetable, healthy-fat-free yogurt.

Dinner: Thin slice of baked meat, vegetable salad with pineapple, small amount of olive oil either in your cooking or as a salad dressing, and a watermelon shake.


Fourth Day

Breakfast: A cup of coffee or tea without milk, whole grain toasted bread, small cup of plain yogurt, and 2 small slices of watermelon.

Lunch: Thin slice of grilled meat, half cup of whole grain rice, and a yogurt that is sugar free.

Dinner: Homemade veggie puree, tortilla that has enough spinach and other veggies in it (preferably asparagus), a slice of watermelon.


Fifth Day

Breakfast: Coffee with non-fat milk, whole-grain crackers (2 pieces), 1 slice of watermelon.

Lunch: Roasted chicken breast, pumpkin puree, and a small cup of Greek yogurt.

Dinner: Cauliflower and leek puree, small slice of cheese, grilled fish and a slice of watermelon.


Snacks for 5 days

You can take a minimum of 2 slices of watermelon for the morning and afternoon as snacks. And, for a creative and tasty diet snack, make juices or shakes that are made from watermelon.

Note: Do this for 5 days only, so that it will not result in undesirable effects. To achieve perfect results add proper exercise and more water intake.

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