Supermom Amazing Life Hacks

Supermom Amazing Life Hacks

Without a doubt, being an incredible mom is the hardest job. You need to make sure that your family is doing fine and keep everything organized at home. Things at times seem never ending and tiresome but you still power through. At times you desperately seek some help or advice on how to manage things better or find best solutions for why your kids just simply make you want to quit. So here are some life hacks for those supermoms out there that need that little extra help at times in a stormy situation.

Here are the brilliant hacks to make your life easier, and allow you to kepp your well deserved title of a super cool mom.



Drying Rack for Organizing Kids Stuff

When children are doing carry out their art interests such as drawing sceneries, giving hues to their favorite coloring books and playing A, B, C’s, inevitably the surroundings can become indubitably like a ‘bombsite’. Books and other coloring materials seem to find their way everywhere. You wish you had some sort of a robot to follow the kids around, cleaning up after their mess. There’s a handy hack to make life easier. What you need is an old drying rack. Your child’s stationary stuff will surely become like a soldier-like, mess-free bookshelf.

Safe Kiddies’ Coral

If you want your child to have fun while you’re doing your daily chores; you can definitely build a perfect kiddies pool playground-like for them. However, you can’t leave them just like that without having someone to watch them over, right? So here’s a simple tip, maximize the empty kiddy pool as a coral as your child’s little playground.

Extended Faucet for Kids

Who ever thought of using an empty shampoo bottle as a faucet? Yes, you heard it right, you can innovate this simple shampoo bottle in to an extended faucet if you have kids who cannot reach far enough. This is perfect for leaving your child alone to wash their hands in the sink. Just make sure they don’t abuse this new creation of yours and wet the entire bathroom floor.

Ice pop Veggies

Having a hard time making your child eat those green vegetables? Well, here’s a cool and yummy tip for you; kids have fun eating ice pops, so why not turn those vegetables into ice pops? This will surely make them happy without ever knowing that they are eating healthy vegetables. Moreover, use different veggies with altered colors to make more interesting variations of these super cool nutritious snacks.

Indoor ‘Fun’ Slide

Now this one can be debatable but one which is super fun. Do you want your kids to have fun indoors? Absolutely making a sleigh box will make them enjoy the day indoors, maybe on a rainy day, just like playing outdoors on a hill or at the park. Now, grab a box or few and lay them out just like the picture above. This doesn’t take time or effort to build! But make sure safety comes first!

‘Clothes Type’ Symbols Painted Cabinets

You can easily upgrade your kid’s cabinet to allow kids to effortlessly sort out their assortment of clothes. Just paint their cabinets with different types of clothing symbols. This simple tip will lessen the mess and teach your kids how to put clothes back into their cabinets or closets. With this, your kids can easily find what they want to wear to wear.

Padlock for Safety

If you want to make sure that your children don’t play with plugs and appliances to avoid unexpected mishaps, then try to put a padlock on the plug. I know that it’s a bit funny and harsh but by doing so they cannot use the plug/appliances because they are locked.

Apparently, you can also do this when you don’t want your children to lay all day on the couch and play computer games or watch TV shows; this is relatively a safe and good idea rather than yelling at them.

Kiddy Sticker On Your Child’s Shoes

Sticking cool image on your children’s shoes will help them easily identify which shoe should go on the right foot and which one should be worn on the left. This will also help them get used to wearing their shoes by them self. Definitely, this is a very simple and effective solution which ultimately saves you time.

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