A Robot Lawyer Scraps Parking Fines/Tickets On Your Behalf

A Robot Lawyer Scraps Parking Fines/Tickets On Your Behalf

First time in the history of man; A challenging yet the successful task of an artificial-intelligence lawyer to dispute 160,000 parking tickets free of charge through London and New York.

The AI lawyer was invented by a London-born, 19-year old student at Stanford University, Joshua Browder. He said that the AI lawyer was invented mainly for the reason of helping car owners from the unfair parking ticket system.

DoNotPay service, as what the chatbot is called; generates appeals that are fit to challenge parking tickets. Users can sign up at DoNotPay service for free; where they will be asked several questions and when done they are ready to send the letter to the fine collectors.


When Browder was asked about the reliability of the service, he quoted “He’s only asking a small fraction of the pie from multi-billion dollar park ticketing industry.” the success rate is not that high but still, it helps hundreds and thousands of citizens in London and in New York.

For 21 months, since chatbot was launched millions of users are appealing to AI lawyer and according to DoNotPay statistics, the chatbot caters 250,000 appeals and have successfully won 160,000 cases.  The number can speak for itself that chatbot is more effective than real and live people attending their parking ticket case.

The chatbot was invented because Browder was once a victim of over ticketing himself in London. He was around 18 when he received 30 tickets already; he said that people are being abused by the unfair parking ticketing system. He added, the people are used as a milking cow by the local government.

With the new AI lawyer, people can now appeal their parking tickets without having to pay for lawyer’s fees. It’s a much lighter burden for the people ever since the chatbot was invented.

Plans of Extension

The young inventor plans to extend DoNotPay service to Seattle and not only on the issue of parking tickets. This time, Browder is using the AI lawyer for refugees asking for an appeal. He is also open to the idea of extending the service to HIV-positive people for the anti-discrimination demand.

Looking through Chatbots

Chatbots have been widely used as technology leverages its presence; from a personal computer to smartphones and now chatbot for the masses and workforce.

When automated navigation was introduced in the car industry, it had been trusted and relied upon by private users. When Siri of Apple was introduced to the masses it was well accepted and chatbot was invented in a new angle. Chatbot has an artificial intelligence installed in its system so that it can automatically answer your questions like; personal assistance with directions, advice on your weight loss exercise, and a lot more.

A few months ago, a chatbot called Mila was introduced by Aspect to the world of customer support industry. The chatbot has a vital role in the lives of the customer support agents and managers alike since it can give service to their everyday tasks like; asking for schedules, presence, absence of employees, shifts and workloads among other responsibilities.

Hope, these inventors are planning to develop chatbot to help people all over the world.

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