Pokemon Go Ultimate Guide

Pokemon Go Ultimate Guide

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Things you need to know about pokemon go

This is the newest craze and millions of people are enjoying playing this awesome game – Pokémon Go. Catch all wild Pokémon in your neighbourhood, cities, parks and even in your own backyard. If you’re new in this game, this article will present to you some helpful tips from players living in different locations with diverse experiences.

Let’s give you tips and tricks so that you can enjoy the game while meeting up with other players in your city. This game surely gives you an extraordinary experience.


What’s Pokémon Go?

An augmented reality game based on the anime series of Pocket Monsters or Pokémon. The game is designed to be mobile, meaning the players need to walk around to find Pokémon creatures.

You see, Pokémon Go isn’t like other games. It actually uses the GPS in your mobile phone in order to determine where you are in “the game”. Everything in Pokémon Go is based around actual locations in the real world, so to move around in Pokémon Go and find the things you’re interested in, you actually have to physically walk and move around in the real world.

What make this popular among the players are the following reasons: it’s very interactive, it builds bonding between family and friends as you can team up with them to play this game, and all whislt you exercise. The outdoor-based game is today’s most popular game and there are no signs of it ending soon.


Where To Download Pokémon Go?

We haven’t heard anyone say it’s a boring game and we bet you’re interested to download the game on your smartphone. You can visit Google play and search for Niantic Pokémon Go if you have an Android OS, or on the other hand, if you have an iOS then simply visit iTunes and search for the game. However, be aware of fake imitation games.


What You Should Know Before Playing Pokémon?

Before going outside to hunt and catch Pokémon you need to remember a few useful things:

  • Always carry with you a spare battery pack. This game drains your battery energy source so fast that you won’t be able to play the game for a long period of time. We have heard of players playing this game for more than 4 hours on end therefore it is advised that you carry a spare battery source.
  • Don’t rush anything as it will only ruin the game for you. This game requires a lot of walking and levelling up so make sure you complete everything properly without cutting any corners. Walk at a normal pace; anything over 12 miles per hour registered in the game app it will not add any distance to your incubating egg – meaning no hatching.
  • Don’t increase your Combat Power (CP) yet, not unless your level 10. There loads of Pokémon waiting to be caught which are way better than your starting ones and for those you will also need some stardust.
  • Incense spawns – keep in mind that, if you sit in one place a Pokémon will appear every 5 minutes. And If you travel at least 200 Meter per minute you can get a Pokémon every minute.
  • Think of giving for your favorite charity? You can download an app which donates a few cents if you happen to walk towards a charity.

Hold your phone and start searching. Here are some Pokémon tips and tricks that you need for your journey. Catch ‘em, keep ‘em.


Pokemon go android

Pick Pikachu As Your Starter Pokémon

For the beginners out there, when you first play your Pokémon Go, the Professor will instruct you to get your first Pokémon – Charmander, Bulbasaur or Squirtle – but you can avoid these Pokémon and look for Pikachu instead. How to avoid them?

Typically your phone vibrates when you find a Pokémon and your first one is either Squirtle or Charmander. To avoid them, you have the right to skip or walk away from them. You can continue to walk and wait for a vibration until Pikachu appears on your phone.

Simply go walk outside. You’ll notice the three start-up characters somewhere waiting for you together, instead of walking towards them, walk away from them until your phone vibrates and they appear again on your screen. Keep walking away from them. At some point around the fifth or sixth time they reappear, you should see a fourth character appear next to the original three.

Hopefully it will be Pikachu. Picking the right Pokémon as your starter can be useful in the forthcoming games.


Finding More Pokémon

Finding more and specific Pokémon also requires it’s own set of tricks. If you are looking for a water-based Pokémon you can go near the ocean, lake or river and if you want some spooky-ghost-type Pokémon, try hunting them at night. For grass type Pokémon, take your time to go near parks or forest areas. Moreover, you can find more Pokémon depending on the variety and niche.

Rare Pokémon change from location to location, and it depends on a number of factors, including player population density, proximity to certain types of landscapes, nearby landmarks, different times of the day, etc. Also, certain Pokémon dwell in areas related to their type. Psychic- and ghost-type Pokémon can be found near cemeteries, while fire- and ground-type Pokémon are more likely to appear in arid, desert climates.

Based on information culled from Reddit, Twitter, and our own experiences, here’s other tips and tricks on how to find and catch rare Pokémon:

  • Walk a lot, and walk slowly.
  • Check unvisited lanes, undiscovered locations, and unpopulated areas.
  • Go to locations depending on the type of rare Pokémon you want to find.
  • Place lures at PokeStops to lure all nearby Pokemon to your area.
  • Use Incense to draw Pokemon if you’re staying put in an area for 30 mins.
  • Look for rustling leaves in the game.
  • Continually check the near “Nearby” menu for Pokémon.

We advise you to catch every Pokémon you find and when you catch annoying Pokémon such as, Pidgey, Ratatta, and Caterpie don’t ignore them; because they will be useful for leveling up in the future.

This is what makes Pokémon Go the best augmented reality game; it’s more fun and exciting as you’ll never know what’s waiting for you around that corner.

Pokemon Go Categorized

Here’s A List Of All The Pokémons
Pokemon go Pokemon go Pokemon go Pokemon go Pokemon Go Pokemon Go Pokemon Go Pokemon Go

Capturing Pokémon

Pokémon Go is designed to be played in high traffic areas, hence finding a wild Pokémon can never be difficult if you live in the cities. Densely populated areas such as tourist spots, monuments, museums, parks, and malls etc., are the best places where you can catch all Pokémon and beat other players. You can maximize incense, lures and Pokestops to find them.

Once you find your Pokémon; capturing it can be a challenge. There are ways on how to easily arrest your creature; an indication ring shows cues on when is the best time to capture the Pokémon.

The smaller the ring, the higher the chances of arresting them; just wait for the green light and you’re ready to catch them.

Moreover, there are other ways to seize them; just turn off your augmented reality aspect in the application to prevent the creature from running away. And, if you think they’re hard to tame, feed them Razz Berries for an easy catch, or try using your Master balls or Ultra to seize them more easily.

Pokemon Attack


Best Pokémon To Keep

According to professional players and as confirmed by most, a Snorlax is the best Pokémon to keep. Because this Pokémon is a rare one and you don’t need to use stardust on him.

Known as the Sleeping Pokémon, Snorlax has been said to weigh over 1,000 pounds and for a time was considered the heaviest known Pokémon.

Snorlax has received mixed reception; GameSpy calling it “downright silly”, while IGN says it is “by far the most powerful Pokémon of all”.

Snorlax Best Pokemon to Keep


Recover Your Missed Pokéballs

It is inevitable to lose your Pokéballs after you miss capturing your Pokémon. And, you don’t want that to happen as it will lessen your catching activity in the future.

In order to do that, you need a faster finger and a quick reaction. After throwing the Pokéball and you miss catching the Pokémon, immediately press on the pokéball to recover it.

To avoid missing the arrest, follow the tricks on how to easily catch them.



Hatch Eggs Faster

Hatching eggs faster can be tricky sometimes. You can never incubate Pokémon eggs through driving 30miles per hour in a car; however, hatching eggs are possible, when your car is travelling in bumper to bumper traffic. Turn on your game when in traffic jams as the speed of your vehicle may ressemble a person walking. So if your car happens to be travelling at a very low speed for a long duration then this trick could be useful to you. So you might be thinking how is this possible?

The essence of Pokémon Go is as simple as A, B, C. The augmented reality game is designed for walking or biking. The slow traffic simulates a walking activity and that is why you can hatch an egg. For the sake of keeping you safe, we advise everyone not to play the game whilst driving. Our trick is intended for the passengers in the vehicle rather than the drivers. Let’s keep our road safe!

Keep in mind different Pokemons have different distances to be accomplished before they can hatch. Just take a look at the diagram below and you will get an indication as how far you need to walk before each one hatches.

pokemon Hatch

But if you’re tired of walking or cycling down the street, here’s another little trick that you will find useful to advance in the game. Place your phone on top of a record player and let it spin. Eventually, the walking distance will increase and you can enjoy another hatched Pokémon to tame.

Pokemon Tricks


Fastest Way To Level Up In Pokémon

It is never exciting and fun if you try to level up without undergoing all the hunting and battle in Pokémon world. According to one Pokémon Go pro, there are ways to get XP much faster without doing any cheats. The tricks are;

  • Find any common Pokémon which costs 12 or 25 to evolve such as, Pidgeys, Rattatas, Weedles, and Caterpies and save them.
  • If you have your lucky eggs, use them before they are about to hatch.
  • You can also use those active eggs to evolve all Pokémon. However, don’t evolve Pidgeottos, and Pidgeots yet, unless you have a battle to win.
  • If there’s more time left, you can maximize it for catching all Pokémon you can find.
  • Hit all Pokestops you pass by
  • If you still have time left, you can attack a Gym.

Let’s take a look deeper into this:

Pokémon Spawns

Pokémon Combat Power (CP) is very important, and many of you are probably wondering why you’re only tracking Pokemon of 10 or even 50 CP. The higher your player level, the higher the CP of the Pokémon you find out in the wild. If you know you can find a certain Pokémon around the corner, when you first start playing that Pokémon may only be 15 CP. However, if you go back to that same area when you player level is much higher, you may find the same Pokémon at 150 CP instead.


Caught Pokémon

If your friend has a Bulbasaur with a much higher CP than your Bulbasaur, there are a few factors at play, but the more significant is your player level. Every time your player level increases, your Pokémon can be powered up accordingly. You’ll have to spend more Candy and Stardust, the max CP level increases as your player level gets higher. You may have also noticed that the Power Up button for your Pokémon is greyed out. That means you need to increase your player level before you can power up that Pokémon any further.


PokéStop Items

The loot you can obtain at PokéStops also varies based on your player level. You won’t find any healing items until your player level reaches at least 5. Likewise, better healing items appear at level 10, and Ultra Pokéballs don’t show up until level 20. It’s very important to continually check back at PokéStops as your player level increases to make sure you always have access to the best items available for your level.


Gaining XP

There are a wide variety of ways you can earn XP. Knowing exactly how to earn XP will help you level up faster. Below is a list of all the ways you can earn XP, but that’s not all there is to know. Lucky Eggs will double your XP gain for 30 minutes. In addition, if you have a large amount of candy for a specific Pokemon that only needs a small amount for the first evolution, use a Lucky Egg, then evolve as many of those Pokémon as you have for an impressive boost of XP.

Using Pidgey is a great way to abuse the Lucky Egg XP gain. Every Pidgey you catch will give you three Candies. You also get one Candy for transferring a Pidgey to the Professor. So for every four Pidgey you catch, you can gain up to 1,000 XP with a Lucky Egg. Basically, get a ton of Candy for your Pidgey, catch as many of them as possible, then use a Lucky Egg and evolve as many of the Pidgey as you can. You will get 1,000 XP per evolution. This is one of the fastest ways to level up in Pokémon Go.

Another trick is going into a gym battle, defeating the first opponent, then running away. When timed correctly you will still get XP from the battle and can immediately go back into the gym to battle once more. Repeat this process as long as you care to grind for XP and you’ll get a decent amount of XP gain per hour, even if it feels a bit stale.

If you have some time, find an area with a few PokéStops in a short area. If you can hit three or four in a five minute period, that would be ideal. Move between these PokéStops, circling back every five minutes or so, catching all of the Pokémon you can find. This will help maximize your XP gain, and when you couple it with Candy and Lucky Eggs, you can get a ton of XP is a short period of time.

Pokemon Experience


Getting Free Pokécoins

Pokécoins can be bought with cash, and sometimes we don’t have the money just to buy those Pokéballs. For every Pokémon Go fanatical, you can download Google opinion rewards and through surveys, you can earn credits in Google play, stock them and exchange for Pokécoins. Interesting right? However, this application is only available to Android operating system as iOS users are not so lucky as this feature is not available to them at the time this document was written.

Free Pokecoins


Pokéstops For More Gears

Wanting more gears to increase your hitting prowess? Visit the right kind of Pokéstops and you’ll surely get more potions and other goodies.

Pokéstops can be found in populated areas like malls, churches, and parks. Popular landmarks can be a good place too rather than a small park in your neighborhood.

One more tip for gearing up in nearby Pokéstop is if you happen to pass by don’t worry to receive a warning sign from the game, saying you can no longer visit it. Because it will only limit you for about five minutes and after that, you can visit it again. The only limitation you have is if you have harvested 288 gears in a 24 hour period.


Pokémon Bag Is Full?

Don’t worry when your Pokémon bag gets full, you can delete some of your potions or Razzberries. If you reach level 20 or so you no longer need all those 60 potions and 40 revives. Just keep a few potions that you think are useful in your battles. Upon removing these in your Pokémon bag you’ll have more room for your Poke balls.


Exchange Duplicate Pokémon For Candy

Sometimes on your journey you will encounter and catch the same types of Pokémon; don’t worry about these duplicates, though. If you don’t want a double Pokémon in your aresenal, you can always ask Professor Willow to trade in your duplicate creatures permanently for candy. Your candy will help you evolve your favored Pokémon.


Battery Saver

According to a study conducted to test battery life while playing Pokémon Go; a 30-minute of uninterrupted play can drop your battery life to 15%, thats triple the percentage of battery life that drops when you’re using Facebook for the same period of time.

Your Pokémon Go obviously eats up a lot of battery energy – GPS, camera, and Pokémon application – leaving you a drained battery at the end of the day. To minimize the over consumption of energy you can set the option to battery saver mode and disable unnecessary applications and you’re at least ready to hunt Pokémon.

Another option is to bring in an extra power pack and stay longer in Pokestops.

Below is a picture of the settings in the game where you can turn on the battery saver option. This could also make your gaming last longer.

Battery Saver

Data Usage

According to mobile network experts, playing Pokémon Go doesn’t actually require bigger data. In fact, as roughly estimated, to reach 1GB usage, you need to play 7 hours a day for 15 days straight.

However, there’s good news for people living in the United States subscribed to T-Mobile because the telecom company offers free data usage for Pokémon Go players for one year.


Warning To Pokémon Cheats

As the popularity grows, more cheats emerge in the form of game hackers. However, the producer of the game Nintendo, warns those who try to cheat when playing Pokémon Go.
The company found out that more gamers are manipulating the location through GPS spoofing by using jailbroken devices and other software hacks. The in-house software developed by Nintendo has its special function to detect abusive players cheating on their location and when the exploitation happens a wild Pokémon will run away from the player.

Some of the consequences experienced by cheaters:

  • Title is turned off and some other functions
  • Blocked from battles at the gym
  • Some Pokémon becomesimmune to Pokeballs which makes them impossible to catch

The punishment will last to five hours malfunctions. It seems that the developer is serious to discourage players from cheating the game. It will still have to decide whether the cheaters are going to be banned permanently if the action happens frequently.


Etiquette While Playing

Since the Pokémon Go game has gone viral, a lot of players are now hunting in every populated area possible without even thinking of the privacy they might have violated. While playing the game you must think about proper gameplay etiquette and safety as of yourself and others too.

  •  Don’t play while you’re driving. For your own safety and the people walking along the street; turn off your Pokémon Go game and wait until you are not driving
  • Avoid playing in solemn places like churches and National Museums because these places are for prayer and learning.
  • Know where you’re going. Don’t trespass on someone’s property just because Pidgey went that way. Think of the privacy of your neighborhood.
  • If your newly found Pokémon runs away and goes to an inappropriate location don’t go chasing the creature. Instead, stay in the area and wait for a few minutes and surely a new Pokémon will appear.
  • Avoid playing alone in the night. Some players have know to wait in gas stations hunting for ghost type Pokémon. Bring your friends along with you and remember don’t stay in awkward places that might mistakenly identify you as a danger or threat.


Weather May Affect Which Pokémons Are Out And About

While rain and storms may initially inhibit players from wandering outside to catch a Pokémon, several Reddit users discovered that the weather has an influence on what characters appear.

One Reddit user noticed that a higher number of water Pokémon appeared when it was raining in Melbourne, Australia.

When lightning struck, the Electrabuzz character seemed to appear more frequently than on a dry, sunny day.

However, trainers should seek indoor shelter at the first sign of thunder or lightning in order to stay safe. The user did note that Electrabuzz still appeared during just rain, giving users a chance to safely collect the Pokémon.


Making Profit From Pokémon Go

Pokemon Profit

You cannot deny the fact that this game has gone viral. We think it’s time to make a profit from it. A good businessman knows his product well, so this makes Pokémon players acquire this edge more over than those who just begin to sell.

We have created a list below with different ideas and ways on how to make a profit from Pokémon Go. These are not that hard to understand – all you requireis is to have some guts and be bold. As the saying goes, fortune only favors those who are bold.

  1. Affiliate Marketing. It’s the most common online business today because you really can earn a passive income doing it. All you need to do is to promote or sell the product from a merchant using a network. Here are some of the trusted networks you can apply to be an affiliation of.
  • Amazon
    • Sign up in Amazon Affiliates
    • Use plug-ins from WP or a software so that you can create your niche store
    • Sell Pokémon Go goodies
  • Alibaba
    • Get familiar with Alibaba
    • Sign-up in Alibaba Affiliate
    • Use Aliexpress to sell products
  1. T-shirts on the Go. This business idea is not new in fact it’s everywhere. However, people wear a t-shirt every day and when they do, they try making a statement. To grab the opportunity of Pokémon Go’s popularity – you can design Pokémon-inspired prints and deliver and have them delivered to your customers. Try, Teespring and Sunfrog.
  1. 3. Create a Gig on Fiverr. This website allows you to sell your service to clients from different places around the globe. If you have a skill in drwaing pictures for example, you can sell your drawings for $5. Just sign-up and enhance your profile so that you can start your business.
  1. Mobile App Creation. You can really profit from mobile applications because of the demand for smartphones worldwide. And if your app inclines on the most popular game like Pokémon Go, you’ll surely earn from it. Visit Infographic for your mobile app ideas and how to’s and monetize your app.


Have Fun!

Looks like Pokémon Go will be here for a long time, as more and more countries join to play this game. This “next big thing” captures the hearts of both children and young adults as it reminds you of the Pokémon anime. You get the chance to be a Pokémon trainer just like the anime.

On top of that, Pokémon Go is designed for an interactive game experience. Play the game properly and you’ll enjoy it better and have more fun.

Pokemon Go

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