Pokémon Go: How To Dominate A Gym?

Finding a gym can be easy in Pokémon Go. However it’s not easy to strategically dominate a gym in an instant because you’ll be dealing with lots of well-trained trainers. In this article you’ll be guided on how to dominate a gym and keep it away from your enemies.

Theoretically capturing a gym can be simple you just need to find gyms near your house or maybe few houses away from your neighbourhood and you should be ready to grab them. These gyms are maintained by trainers that you need to fight if you want to capture their gyms.

You can defeat your enemy together with your teammates; defeating them means lowering their prestige to 2000 and once it drops to zero you’re ready to occupy the empty gym.


Here’s How To Dominate A Gym With Your Surprising Strategy:

Find A Gym

Finding a gym can be easy and fun, just walk around your neighbourhood and you’ll find gyms owned by several trainers. You can choose which turf you want to put your gym once you have captured one.


Create A Team

A good strategy to defeat trainers and capture their gym is to create your own team. You can choose valour, mystic or instinct as your team. The purpose of your team is to divide tasks if you have a fight with other rival teams. Nothing can defeat a great wall with some good teamwork.

Do you want to increase the prestige of your gym? You can do that without fighting other teams or steal their gyms. You can simply fight with your own team; no matter who wins in the game you can increase the prestige of your gym.


Stock Up On Items

Another great way to capture a gym is to stock up on some important items such as potions and revives. You can buy them if you have Pokecoins or to save you from any expenses you can receive these items once you level up. Save all these items because they’ll become handy especially if you encounter another rival trainer.

Have a good time reaching these levels and receive items ranging from the simplest potions; revives, Hyper Potions to the Max revives.

  • Level 5:
  • Gyms, Potions, Revives
  • Level 8:
  • Razz Berry
  • Level 10:
  • Super Potion
  • Level 12:
  • Great Ball
  • Level 15:
  • Hyper Potion
  • Level 20:
  • Ultra Ball
  • Level 25:
  • Max Revive
  • Please read our in-depth article on what levels are associated with what items here…


Take Your Best Pokémon

Worried about leaving your gym behind? That depends on what Pokémon you’re leaving to watch over your gym. According to master trainers out there, the reason why they still have their gyms is that they strategically assign the best Pokémon they have. However, in saying that, don’t leave the rarest Pokémon you have because you might end up losing the game and it might take you longer to find another one. Think of leaving behind the ones that can defend your gym; don’t just assign a water type Pokémon because there might be an attack from an electric type Pokémon as you’ll put the gym at risk.

Here is a list showing you the different types of Pokémon:


Hot Tip: Steal A Gym

So, here’s another sneaky way to capture a gym without having to put so much effort of throwing your best Pokémon to fight another trainer’s Pokémon. Let your team fight and defend your gym, and once their prestige drops down to zero, immediately after, occupy the empty gym. This may sound a bit of a ‘traitor’ scenario  or being an opportunist but hey this is a tactical game after all and it’s better than losing the gym to some other rivals, right?

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