Meet The World’s Fattest Kid

Meet The World’s Fattest Kid

A ten year old boy uncontrollably gained 192 kg of weight. His name is Arya Permana and was born without any complications based on his parents’ statement. Indeed, he just weighed 3.2 kg during his birth. But, with the amount of weight he has right now, he is dubbed as the fattest child in the entire world.

Arya lives with his family in the village of Cirpurwasari, Indonesia. His parents didn’t contemplate that he will have abnormal weightissues; thinking that he was just gaining some weight and it was normal physical growth. In fact, they were very happy because they had a healthy child in their eyes. But, as time went by they realized that he became way bigger compared to his older siblings.

It all started when Arya was 2 years old, when the unusual weight started piling on. The family started to notice that Arya’s interest in food started getting uncontrollable. In fact, he’s eating 5 times a day, which is equivalent to 10 plates/meals, is beyond anyone’s imagination but suprisinglt this is normal to Arya. Each meal consists of more or less 3 viands and a big bowl of rice. Another factor that has made Arya so big is the lack of outdoor activities that a regular child does.



His mother said that Arya’s usual routine consists of only eating and sleeping. On top of that, when he is denied of doing any of the two, he likes to stay in their tub for hours on end until he gets what he wants.

With the burden of weight he has right now, he is forced to stop going back to school because he seems to get tired walking long distances. Most of the time he is has a hard time breathing especially when he is lying down or walking around; and when he rests he places his head against the wall to ease the problematic breathing. Doing so gave Arya dark marks on his forehead. Most of the time he tells his parents that he is always tired and can’t breathe properly even when he is doing nothing.



Arya cannot do what he wants without the assistance of his family, especially his mother. Rokayah, Arya’s mother bathes him, she also supports him in standing up and walking around. And when his mother changes his clothes there is an undeniable fact that most of the apparels don’t fit his body, so his mother would ask him to wear “sarong” to cover the lower part of his body.

His parents are worried about his health condition so they took him to the hospital for a physical check up but doctors were not able to have the exact diagnose of it. They suggested taking him to an advanced hospital. Arya’s mother is worried that this condition would result to more complications later on in his life. She wants her son to live like other kids and have a normal childhood. She wants him to get back his social life. But all this seems like a dream when the actual reality is that her husband doesn’t earn enough to pay for the expenses and further examinations.

His parents are working on his diet. They serve him brown rice instead of the regular food that he used to consume. His mother is struggling in denying Arya what he wants, but she believes that the same changes in his diet is the best thing to do for him at this present moment in time.

Hopefully, this crash diet will help Arya to enjoy some sort of normal life that he deserves someday.



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