Foods That Boosts A Man’s Health

Foods That Boosts A Man’s Health

Many men still choose to eat foods that are unhealthy. Well, I cannot really blame them, for undeniably, some unhealthy foods are very addictive. However, we have to control ourselves in eating stuff that will lead us to bad condition.

There are also specific healthy foods that are needed by men to stay in action. Aside from workouts that they’ve been doing, proper diet with the right selection of healthy foods is necessary.

Furthermore, we’ll be providing you some appropriate food needed to have a good cardiovascular system, good muscle volume, enough immunizer and other to prevent illness.

21 Foods with Its Benefits For Men

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1. Lean Red Meat

Men who are likely to eat red meat are said to have health benefits from it. Compared to white meat, such as chicken, red meat has more myoglobin. It provides extra oxygen that we can use in our daily activities, especially when you are working out. It is a protein for muscles and heart.
In addition, it also has more counts of iron and creatine and other minerals.

2. Tart Cherries

Cherries are said to be a very good health provider. The first thing is, it is a major source of antioxidants such as anthocyanins and cyanidin.The second thing is, it helps as prevent cancer. Another is that it prevents inflammation of parts of our body. What more is that it reduces belly fat and muscle pains during exercise.

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3. Chocolates

What is sweet food that most people like? Definitely, it’s chocolate. Other than it is sweet and will make your day sweet as well, some chocolate makes you healthy. Dark chocolates are proven to have organic compounds that work as antioxidants in our body.
Believe it or not, dark chocolates make our blood flow properly. Also, it helps those who have high blood pressure to lower the blood pressure. However, make sure that you know your limit in eating it. Too much of it is absolutely bad for your health.

4. Yummy Shellfish

Though sometimes it’s a bit expensive, seafood is a very good provider of zinc. One specific seafood example is shellfish. Selfish provides a lot of nutrients such as Omega-3 fatty acids, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, protein and of course zinc. Zinc is said to be essential for one to have a good sperm quality. Therefore, for those who have below-average sperm counts, you should start eating seafood.

5. Avocado Shake

Various things can be done avocado. In fact, it is mostly used by many as a beauty tip. What more? It is also very much known as an incredibly healthy fruit since it can lower the amount of your cholesterol. It also has low saturated fat.

6. Fatty Fish

Fatty fish contains Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids help you prevent heart diseases.

7. Recipes with Ginger

Ginger is usually used as a spice. You can make Sweet potato and ginger soup, and even Stem ginger and spice ice cream out of it. It doesn’t just make the food delicious, it also has a history of healing health problems. When you intake amount of ginger it could alleviate digestive problems.
Additionally, it can slow and cool down male part inflammation.

8. Banana Split

Minerals such as magnesium and manganese are the usual nutrients that men lacked. With this, banana can be of great help to make men richer of these minerals. It is also a very good provider of potassium, which is important for muscle constriction.

9. Milk and Yogurt

Leucine can be found in Milk and Yogurt. It is an amino acid that helps you build your muscle. Yogurt also has good bacteria that serves as probiotic. Both are rich in protein and potassium, which are not just for building muscle but also for bones, cartilage, blood, and skin.

10. Pistachio Nuts

Even during movie time, you can still eat good food, such as nuts. Pistachios provide nutrients such as protein, fibre, and zinc.

11. Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts make you healthier through its content, selenium. Selenium helps men and women have a good quality of fertility. It is also essential in your immune system as well as for cognitive works.

12. Tomato sauce

Based on research lycopene which can be found in tomato are said to be a good antioxidant. Some say that it also helps someone prevent cancer. But more it has is that it protects DNA from damage.

13. Soy Foods

Soy food such as Tofu, miso soup, and soy milk prevent prostate cancer based on a research. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, and even fibre. Fibre helps you normalize your bowel movement and also lowers your cholesterol level.

14. Mixed Vegetables

Eating vegetable salad that contains different vegetables is very healthy. Other than having low in fat and calories, it has phytochemicals. This nutrient will help you avoid cancer.

15. Orang Vegetables

These vegetables are a source of vitamin A and C. This will also protect against prostate cancer. Some of these vegetables have a bright colour.

16. Leafy Green vegetables

An example of this is spinach. Vegetables like these have zeaxanthin and lutein content that help your eye avoid cataract and other vision sickness.

17. Eggs

It provides a high quality of protein. However, you have to make sure that you have control of eating this, for it has a high amount of cholesterol.

18. High-Fibre Cereal

High-fibre cereal normalizes our bowel movements, lower cholesterol level, helps control sugar level and helps you achieve right weight for you. So, when you eat this, you’ll have a good digestive system.

19. Brown Rice

This is also rich in fibre. With proper control of eating this, it will give you a healthy life. It even lowers the possibilities of having heart disease.

20. Berries

There are different types of berries, but most of these are great antioxidants. In fact, many pharmaceutical companies use this to make medicines. One thing that berry can do is it help reduce the possibilities of having cancer.

21. Coffee

A lot of men love coffee, so it is not very hard to convince people to drink one. Unconsciously, some coffee lovers don’t know that they get benefits in drinking this. Aside from it contains antioxidants that help us prevent illness, it also makes people active of the things that they are doing. So, instead of taking energy drinks that can cause ailments to you, choose coffee instead.

More to say

These are some of the healthy foods that men can maximize to live a life without worrying of any ailment. On the other part, proper diet with enough exercise is still compulsory to get and maintain a healthy life, though you can still eat likeable foods. Through regular but slowly eating of these, you will soon get used to eating these foods. Well, hope this article will help you to achieve a healthy life.

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