20 Food To A Flatter Stomach

20 Food To A Flatter Stomach

It is never easy to achieve a flat stomach, especially if there is food around. If your body figure is slowly eating your confidence, then better learn these food hacks that will help you say goodbye to a bloated stomach.

Eating can be very irresistible which eventually leads to a bloated stomach. Now, there are different types of food that can guarantee you a flatter stomach.


1. Chestnuts

Roast Chestnuts
Roast Chestnuts. ©

Chestnuts, when compared to other kinds of nuts, are comparatively lower in calories. Another health benefit of chestnuts is that it helps lower blood cholesterol levels by removing excess cholesterol in the digestive tract.


2. Passion Fruit

Passionfruit. ©

Passion fruit contains a sufficient amount of fiber that helps with digestion. This fruit is highly nutritious for it contains vitamins and minerals that can last you hours of being full.


3. Coconut

Coconut leaf: Coconut with milk splash and leaf. ©

Coconut does not cause any upset digestion. In fact, it can help you achieve regular bowel movement that will reduce your stomach from being bloated. It can even take over the good bacteria in your body and remove sugar excess.


4. Yogurt

Yogurt. ©

According to nutrition professor, Dr. Michael Zemel, our waist produces a hormone called cortisol that sends a message to your belly to store more fats. Yogurt contains calcium which signals your stomach to give off less cortisol making it easier to shrink your waistline.


5. Dates

Dates 2. ©

This type of food belongs to the sweets category. Despite the common understanding that sweets make you fat, dates prove it otherwise. One of the health benefits of dates is regulating your bowel movement. It is one of the many sweet delicacies that help regulate the digestive system. Keep in mind, that the recommended amount of consuming dates to achieve a balanced diet for a flatter stomach is one per day.


6. Almonds

Almonds in a Bowl on Wooden Table
Almonds in a Bowl on Wooden Table. ©

Instead of chewing sugar gum or some candy, try to replace it with almonds. Almonds actually help keep your body fat percentage low. However, eat them in moderation because these are high calorie food.


7. Olives

Olives, Benefits of And Health.
Olives, Benefits of And Health. ©

Olives contain fatty acids that decrease cholesterol levels in the body and even have anti-inflammatory effects.


8. Lentils


Lentils, commonly, causes bloating. So, an important reminder to keep in mind is to soak them in water overnight to reduce bloating risk. Lentils are good for alleviating cholesterol levels in the body. It is also heavy for the stomach, which provides you with longer hours of survival without food.


9. Red Currants

Red Currant
Red Currants. ©

Red Currants gives off a before and after effect. Eating them before meals makes them great appetizers. On the other hand, consuming them after meals significantly helps the digestion process.


10. Figs


Figs are a delicate type of food for it requires balance and regularity when being consumed. It is relatively heavy for the stomach, hence, eating an ample amount of fig can prevent you from getting hungry easily. But, be careful as well, because over consumption of this food will also result to stomach aches. Nevertheless, Figs are good for releasing regular bowel movements.


11. Peas


Never underestimate the power of what peas can bring to the table. They might be small but they are packed-full with nutrients that can help you lose those fats in the belly. Niacin is found in peas that helps reduce cholesterol.


12. Water


Science has proven that drinking cold water can result in weight loss, particularly cold water. When drinking cold water, your body immediately reacts, by trying to heat up the body temperature causing calories to burn. Thus, the more cold water you drink, the higher the chances of calories being burned.


13. Kidney Beans


Kidney Beans are an important source to maintain a healthy and balanced diet, given that it is cooked well. It stores high fiber, including insoluble fiber, which is responsible for causing diarrhea and flatulence. It may sound wrong, but it helps in achieving a bloat-free stomach.


14. Avocado

Avocado Sliced in Half
Avocado Sliced in Half. ©

Avocado contains a mono-unsaturated fat content that is significantly helpful in lowering cholesterol which is a major factor for excessive weight and obesity. Another benefit of Avocado is that it reduces hunger rates.


15. Dark Chocolate

Dark-chocolate-benefits-2. ©

It has been an accepted fact that chocolates make you fat for a long time. But, it’s different for dark chocolate. Dark chocolate actually works similar as of certain leafy vegetables. It improves the body’s metabolism through reducing fats and carbohydrates in the digestion.


16. Bananas

Useful substances in Bananas. ©

This fruit contains fiber that helps lose weight. Banana is good for reducing pounds because it is a low-energy-density food. This is another hunger-fighter that can help you last longer without getting hungry.


17. Whole Wheat Bread

Nine grain Whole wheat Bread.
Nine grain Whole wheat Bread. ©

This type of bread is rich in whole grains which helps deflate your stomach while at the same time helps lower risks of heart diseases.


18. Wheat Germ


Wheat Germ consists of Vitamin B which helps your metabolism in converting the food you eat into energy. In addition, it is also a good source of fiber that mainly improves bowel movement and reduces constipation and blood cholesterol levels.


19. Chickpeas


This natural diet supplement carries an ample amount of fiber which keeps you hunger-free for hours because it slows down your digestive process.


20. Wild Rice

Wild rice in a spoon
Wild rice in a spoon. ©

This type of rice consists of various minerals and nutrients. One of which is the B Vitamin that play a major role in metabolism. This type of rice also consists of wheat, which fights against being bloated.

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