Your Eye Shape Reveals Your True Personality



There is this saying: “Your eyes are the window to your soul.” It may be true or just an old conviction. The saying was concocted from the idea that you can see the true nature of someone by looking through his or her eyes. They say that it reflects your real personality- not just what you tend to portray. Even the Chinese have Siang Mien – a 3,000-year-old Taoist practice wherein they can determine anyone’s personality type by analyzing the face, which includes the eyes.

Are you excited to know what your eyes reveal about you?

Read on and let us know if we get a strike!


Almond-Shaped Eyes

Angelina Jolie and her almond eyes. ©Wonders List.
Angelina Jolie and her almond eyes. ©Wonders List.

Almond-shaped eyes often show a mystical appearance. People with almond-shaped eyes have a very balanced outlook towards life. They are caring and passionate, but self-disciplined, calm, and composed. They are able to keep their composure and know how to manage their urges.


Round Eyes

Zooey Deschanel - popular celebrity with round eyes. ©
Zooey Deschanel – popular celebrity with round eyes. ©

People with round eyes are bursting with creativity and vivid imagination. They also possess a charm that is eye-catching, especially to the opposite sex, although intense moodiness and strong idealism is included in the package. They’re prone to getting carried away with lofty dreams and are often lost in a world of their own. They are also easily carried away by their emotions and find it tough to keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself.


Deep-Set Eyes

Brant Daugherty. ©
Brant Daugherty. ©

Deep-set eyes are common among people who are laid-back and passive yet have an observant nature. They see everything going on around them, but prefer to keep it to themselves. When you look into the deepset-eyed person, you can tell that they are driven by their, creative, idealistic and inspirational self. They are also romantic to the core. They have sound judgement, compassion and aew serious-minded.


Close-Set Eyes

Ryan Gosling. ©

People with close-set eyes are detail-oriented and concerned with accuracy. They even tend to be stubborn, tenacious, and generally tough to keep down. That being said, they are also very resistant by small changes in their lives. However, they have a balanced judgment and clear view of the world. They have a very powerful ability to focus, prone to be a bit short-tempered, but ultimately very successful. History, more likely, fascinates them.


Wide-Set Eyes

Benedict Cumberbatch. ©Nerdist.
Benedict Cumberbatch. ©Nerdist.

You’re the ultimate free-spirited and adventurous individual. You like to live on the edge and have a broad perspective of life. You love to explore and experiment – be a trendsetter. People with wide-set eyes are flexible that you find a routine task so revolting. You want a space to explore your creative potential. Mostly impulsive but innovative thinkers, you like places that offer lots of freedom and choices.


Upturned Eyes

Upturned eyes. ©Dina's TV.
Upturned eyes. ©Dina’s TV.

If the eyes slant upwards, they’re usually the type of person who knows how to get what they want. They grab opportunity once it’s presented. They are mostly driven and goal-oriented. People with cat’s eyes are mostly optimistic, curious, and determined – often entertaining and quick-witted.


Down-Turned Eyes

Down-turned eyes. ©
Down-turned eyes. ©

An eye slanting downwards shows that you are a great friend. You may be a little self-deprecating and are hardly able to say “No”. This makes you a dedicated lover and loyal until the end. However, you are prone to pessimism and discouragement. You may take a bleak view of things in life.


Small Eyes

John Cusack. ©
John Cusack. ©

Small eyes reflects that you are extremely watchful to details. Focus and precision are the words you live by. People with small eyes notice seek knowledge to the point of making themselves experts on whatever topic you set your mind on. This may lead you to being a perfectionist and attentive person. You are also a skilled person with sharp mind and intelligence. However, you tend to become wary of strangers, which unfortunately means that many people presume you are cold and arrogant.


Prominent Eyes

Amanda Seyfried's prominent eyes. ©Makeup Tips and Tricks.
Amanda Seyfried’s prominent eyes. ©Makeup Tips and Tricks.

Your eyes reflect a warm, friendly, and kind-hearted personality. You are, most of the times, energetic and happy – which attracts your close friends. Although, you may also be sensitive, you are outgoing with endless of bright ideas to be a creative person. You also have a sympathetic and romantic nature.


Hooded Eyes

Blake Lively's 2015 Allure cover. ©
Blake Lively’s 2015 Allure cover. ©

Hooded eyes sometimes make your eye appear smaller because of the ‘hood’. If you have hooded eyes, you are known to be an extremely helpful person without having thoughts of anything in return. However, sometimes you tend to get shy when asking favours for yourself. You are open-minded and the kind of person strangers will open up to. On the other hand, others are worrisome and they might appear happy on the outside but actually, something troubles them on the inside. This leads to negative thoughts in your professional life.

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