‘Direct Collapse Black Hole’ Evidence

‘Direct Collapse Black Hole’ Evidence

The university of Texas, Austin astronomers Volker Bromm and Aaron Smith who are working with Avi Loeb of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics have finally discovered evidence of a universe old black hole. This scientific work was recorded under the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, as a reminder of their work.


What Is A Black Hole?

According to NASA, “black hole is a place in space where gravity pulls so much that even light can not get out.” Black holes happen when dying stars start to compress into a tiny space and begin to pull everything near it. People can’t see black holes because there is no light that can get out from the hole, only a special telescope can detect black holes due to their peculiar behavior of the neighboring stars.


“Direct Collapse Black Hole”

For Bromm, the discovery of the evidence was a cosmic miracle. When they experienced to see this long after the Big Bang formation of a black hole, the right condition in the right time allowed them to discover it.

The discovery of the direct collapse black hole is, for them, a solution to long-standing puzzles in astronomy. Questions like, “how super-massive black holes are formed?”. Now they have the chance in studying the conditions of black holes in the galaxy. There are factors that can create a super-massive black hole and in the formation of the quasar, a luminous light that comes from the gas pulled by the black hole, but the emergence of the quasar is much slower due to other factors that hinder the formations of the quasar.


For the astronomers, the formation of super-massive black holes is due to the dying stars that formed a seed black hole. This seed black hole will merge with another seed black hole called the Accretion. They believed that the Accretion would create the quasar, though it is still unclear.

Bromm and Loeb came up with a theoretical idea back in 2003 saying that in order to form a super-massive seed black hole, a suppression of energy effort from the formation of the star was required, calling it a direct collapse. For them, their theory that the galaxy formation was different, typically in a galaxy it creates stars but instead of creating them the galaxy is forming a super-massive star at the center and ending on a subsiding seed black hole. Ergo, the gas surrounding the galaxy feeds the seed black hole instead of creating normal ‘live’ stars.

It was a theory back then, but when Smith met Bromm at the University of Texas both had an interest in CR7 galaxy. This galaxy was once identified when seen in the Hubble Space Telescope. The astronomers think that the CR7 existed 1 billion years after the Big Bang.

As they are observing the galaxy they found out the extreme emission of light, called the “Lyman-alpha” is a very light line of the spectrum or a bright helium line.

Smith and Bromm believed that the massive light line is the formation of either the primordial stars or the super-massive black hole due to its feature; there is no other presence of helium line or metals in the area. This could be the formation of the director collapse black hole.

To understand the behavior of the helium line, Smith has developed a new novel code. This modeled the system, and he called it the “hydrodynamics radiation”. When the code was tested, the first test was a failure when they tried the cluster of stars. But the second set of test for the formation of direct collapse did well.

They are still studying the conditions of CR7 to come up with more of a framework and for more future cosmic works.

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