Asgardia – An Outer Space Nation To Save The Earth

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News has been spreading like wildfire that a new nation has been born. Asgardia, a space nation, has been formed with a mission to save the earth. It is named after Norse mythologies – City in the Skies. It is said that Asgardia aims to defend the earth from dangerous space debris and other dangers.

The founders of this space nation are space experts from United States, Russia, Canada and Romania. They have just confirmed the progress and goals of this project in October 2016.

Their primary objective is to launch a robotic satellite within the next 2 years that will serve as an assessment of the area. Afterwards, a permanent space station will follow. This space station’s function will be similar to that of a regular city. It will have rules and regulations, have people live and work there. ”To democratize space” is what one of the founding members said to Business Insider.

Ram Jakhu, one of the founders, also said to Business Insider that ”the resources of Earth will be depleted”, and that is why ”we must leave because it’s very much in the nature of humanity”, he added.


Who consists of Asgardia?

As far as the public is concerned, there has been no official disclosure of information regarding the team of the said project. Timothy Wild, the consortium’s spokesperson, and their PR has left names to whom are related with Asgardia.

Ram Jakhu – Institute of Air and Space Law director at McGill University

David Alexander – Space Institute director of Rice University

Igor Ashurbeyli – Russia’s Aerospace International Research Center founder and UNESCO’s Science of Space committee chairman.

Joseph N. Pelton – Space and Advanced Communications Research Institute director at George Washington University

Dumitru-Dorin Prunariu – a Romanian cosmonaut

Wild hopes that due to its early public appearance, they can draw scientists, engineers and other talents in to the project.


Where does it get Funds?

Igor Ashurbeyli had contributed a sufficient amount of money just to initiate the project. The project is still in its early stages so Wild cannot disclose such information yet. But, he assured, within the next 18 months the satellite will be launched.

It is without a doubt a huge amount of funding is needed for this project. The satellite itself might cost millions or even billions of dollars. Afterwards, the space nation will need all the funding it can get to build and sustain Asgardia.


Is it Possible to Build a new Nation in Space?

It is fairly legal to start a new nation in space. In a press release Ashurbeyli said, “Asgardia is a fully-fledged and independent nation, and a future member of the United Nations — with all the attributes this status entails.”. As stated in the International Space Law, any country who launches any object into space is responsible for whatever causes it may bring to Earth.


Is it the same with the International Space Station (ISS)?

Space Station
The team discussed the possibility of one day building a space station, like the one shown in this artist’s rendition, which they released to media outlets. Asgardia space station credit: James Vaughan.

“The ISS is a joint venture.” Jakhu said. “It’s- controlled by different nations. It’s more or less a condo.”

So far as all legalities are being measured, the team still had expressed their excitement on this ongoing project. It is a history in the making to which no one has ever attempted yet. They strive to build an independent and livable nation, having its own flag and national anthem.


How will Asgardia develop?

The team has yet left us with a general and vague picture of what Asgardia will look like. There is no information being disclosed regarding this matter, yet.

Wild has explained to the public that the idea formulated has not yet come to a common point that the public needs to know. They are taking one step at a time to reach each goal. It takes accurate and careful calculations in order to perfectly establish a space nation.

The Asgardia Project has drawn attention because of its similar ambitions with Mars One, but Mars One project is not yet on the move, due to a lack in funding and manpower. Jakhu and Asgardia’s team members already expect critiques and commotion to arise as they work on with this project.


Plans for first space nation ‘Asgardia’ opens citizenship applications

Get ready to pack your bags because there’s citizenship available for the new nation in space. The team of scientists have unveiled plans for “Asgardia”, a floating nation and defender of the Earth has room for 100,000 citizens.

Guardians of the galaxy
Courtesy of: Guardians of the Galaxy – Marvel Studio.

Plans in Paris were announced, stating Asgardia aims to “flourish free from the tight restrictions of state control that currently exist.” This was announced on the same day that Ashurbeyli became chairman of UNESCO’s Science of Space committee.

When applications for Asgardian citizenship reaches above 100,000 they can apply to the UN for the status of state, according to Ashurbeyli.

You want to become a citizen of Asgardia? Well here’s the online registration form with the first 100,000 qualifying for automatic citizenship. No word yet on how people can become citizens in the future, or whether there’ll be a wall built between Asgardia and Earth.

We’re not sure if we should get excited or worried. Either way Asgardia was once a mythology but now seems much more reality, so don’t say we didn’t inform you.

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