50 Interesting Facts About The Statue Of Liberty


  1. The statue’s full name is Liberty Enlightening the World.
  2. In 1886, France gave the statue to America as a gift.
  3. The statue is represented from the Roman goddess of freedom, Libertas.
  4. The date of the American Declaration of Independence is engraved in the tablet to which she holds along with the torch.
  5. The total height of the statue is 305 ft 11 in and weighs 204 metric tonnes.
  6. The shoe size of Lady Liberty is 879.
  7. Her waistline measurement is 35 feet.
  8. Edouard de Laboulaye was the one who conceptualized the statue and Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi was the one who designed it.
  9. Gustave Eiffel, the designer of the Eiffel Tower, was the one who also designed Lady Liberty’s spine.
  10. It is because of Laboulaye’s proposal that France gifted America with the statue. It is in celebration for both countries victory during the American Revolution, and the abolition of slavery.
  11. In relation with number nine, Laboulaye’s proposal came with the hope that this act of giving would inspire the French community to fight for their democracy during the administration of Napolean III.
  12. In order to reach the statue’s crown, one must climb a 354-step staircase.
  13. The crown contains 25 windows.
  14. The seven spikes on the crown signifies the seven continents and oceans of the world, promoting universality and liberty.
  15. The statue’s infrastructure is made of iron, while its exterior is made out of copper. But, due to oxidation, its exterior part turned green. Still, the green coating prevents the statue from further deterioration.
  16. There were 300 different kinds of hammers that were used to build the copper exterior.
  17. Charlotte, the sculptor’s mother, was the inspiration behind Lady Liberty’s face.
  18. The original torch of the statue was replaced in the year 1984. Now, the new copper torch is made out of 24k gold leaf.
The broken shackles of tyranny and oppression lies at the feet of the Statue. ©
The broken shackles of tyranny and oppression lies at the feet of the Statue. ©
  1. If you look closely, Lady Liberty is actually standing in broken shackle and chains. Her right foot is raised signifying her moving away from slavery and oppression.
  2. African Americans understood the statue as an ironic image for America; proclaiming the country’s freedom and promoting justice for everyone regarding race, yet, racism and discrimination continues to exist.
  3. On the second half of the 19th century, the Statue of Liberty became the symbol of immigration. Lady Liberty was the first thing that the 9 million immigrants saw upon arriving the United States.
  4. Over 4 million people visit the statue yearly.
  5. In 1968, the statue took part in the movie Planet of the Apes to which it became its most famous cinematic appearance.
  6. It was also destroyed in the movies, The Day After Tomorrow and Independence Day.
  7. In 1886, the Statue of Liberty was the tallest iron structure.
  8. It became a World Heritage Site of UNESCO in 1984.
  9. If the wind travels 50 mph, the statue sways by 3 inch and its torch by 5 inch.
  10. It has been said that the statue has been struck by lightning 600 times every year since she was built. In 2010, a photographer was able to capture it.
  11. In 1929 and 1932, two people were able to commit suicide by jumping off the statue. There were others who tried to committed suicide too, but survived.
  12. Emma Lazarus, an American poet, wrote a sonnet about the statue called The New Colossus. The poem was inscribed on a plaque and placed in the lower part of the statue’s pedestal.
  13. Before being referred to as the Liberty Island, the place was once known as Bedloe Island.
January 21, 2013. ©
January 21, 2013. ©
  1. There are numerous replicas of Lady Liberty. One in Las Vegas Strip, Nevada and a smaller version in Paris.
  2. In 1944, the crown emitted a “dot-dot-dot-dash” form of light to which when deciphered using the Morse Code means “V”, which stands for Victory in Europe.
  3. In 1960, Andy Warhol painted the Statue of Liberty for his Pop Art series, which is worth about $35 million.
  4. During the years 1886 up to 1902, Lady Liberty functioned as a Lighthouse.
  5. The statue turns 130 years old this October 2016. So this means Lady Liberty celebrates her birthday in October.


Comic Book DB. ©
  1. In a comic book, the character Miss America got her powers from Lady Liberty.
  2. Liberty Island got its name 70 years after the Statue was constructed.
  3. Due to Hurricane Sandy, in 2012, Lady Liberty was closed. It reopened on July 4th 2013, Independence Day.
  4. During World War I, the statue suffered minor damages due to a bomb explosion. But its arm holding the torch, suffered the most, which it took $100,000 to repair.
  5. No one has yet been able to visit the torch.
  6. Private boats are not allowed to dock at the statue and Ellis islands.
  7. The 300 copper pieces of the statue were transported via a French ship, Isere, which almost sunk due to stormy seas.
  8. Liberty Island is Federal property of New York even though it is closer to New Jersey.
  9. During the 1982, the head was rebuilt and not properly positioned in the center. It was built 2 feet away from the center point.
  10. You can see two images of Lady Liberty on a 10$ bill.
  11. Using today’s money, the statue is said to have cost at around $10 million in total.
  12. The cost of the statue was funded by contributions from both the Americans and French.
  13. Groups from Boston and Philadelphia offered to cover all the cost of the statue in return for its relocation.
  14. In 1878, Lady Liberty’s head was displayed during the World’s Fair in Paris.

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