5 Facts for Yogurt Addicts

5 Facts for Yogurt Addicts

There are lots of foods that you can choose to gain a healthy body and some of them are already part of your daily diet. Or yet, it could be one of your favorites, as one example of this could be yogurt. On the contrary, you know less about it than most of the foods we consume. So, let us give you 5 super facts about one of our favorite foods.

Yogurt addicts are amazingly increasing in numbers based on the market report of its producers, so let’s dive into the top 5 Yogurt facts.

5 Facts about Yogurt

1. Processing Yogurt (The Making Of Good Bacteria)

“Yogurt cultures” is the process of fermentation to achieve the characteristic of a yogurt. Lactic acid bacteria is produced through the fermentation of lactose. The function of the starter cultures is to ferment lactose (milk sugar) to produce lactic acid. The increase in lactic acid decreases pH and causes the milk to clot, or form the soft gel that is characteristic of yogurt. The fermentation of lactose also produces the flavor compounds that are characteristic of yogurt. These cultures convert pasteurized milk into yogurt during fermentation. This is what makes a yogurt tasty and addictive.

Not jus that, Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus probiotics within yogurts help prevent gastrointestinal infections. These also increase the quality of your body’s immune system. What more? Yogurt is rich in calcium, protein and vitamin B-12.

2. Not All Yogurts Are The Same – Choose To Your Requirements

There are many choices of yogurt, that is why yogurt compositions vary, depending on who makes it. Example of these could be regular, fruit flavored, Swiss, Greek yogurts.  There are some manufacturers who add sugar, fruits or other ingredients to achieve an interesting mouthwatering taste. A lot of them can contain artificial preservatives and huge amounts of sugar. There is always a debate between ‘taste’ and ‘healthy’. What do we want, a yogurt that tastes good, which has all the added ingredients, or the healthy version. Always read the product label. You will be astounded with the amount of stuff that goes into a simple flavored yogurt.

3. Plain And Fruit Flavored Greek Yogurt

Both regular and Greek yogurts are helpful for a healthy diet, however, most yogurt lovers choose Greek yogurt. The protein in it is double than the regular one. It also has lesser sodium and carbohydrates compared to the regular yogurt. Furthermore, the straining of Greek yogurt is thrice, while the regular is twice.
Greek Yogurt has also classifications such as fat-free plain, fat-low plain, fat-free fruit and fat-low fruit. You can choose whichever suits your diet.

4. Yogurt As Substitute To Fatty Ingredients

If you want to be slimmer, cut down the fat intake. You can use Greek yogurt. Free-fat yogurts can be an alternative to oil, butter or cream in making baked food. Here are some tips on how to use it in baking.

  • Lessen the oil that you use. Instead of using oil fully in your baking, substitute half of it with 3/4 counts of non-fat yogurt.
  • Instead of a cup of butter, just use 1/2 cup of butter then, add 1/4 cup of yogurt.
  • You can also put 1/4cup of yogurt instead of an egg in your recipes.

5. Discovery Of Yogurt.

We’ have been eating yogurt for a long time, but do you really know when and how it started. Don’t worry as we got you covered. Here’s a little background on it.
Historically speaking, it was already being used by Asian people. In fact, the term “yogurt” is a Turkish word that means tart or thick milk. However, the origin of yogurt is not singular as yogurt is mentioned in ancient Indian, Persian, and Turkish texts.
Others even state that yogurt was consumed by the armies of Genghis Khan as a staple.
The company Dannon, was the 1st to add fruit on the bottom of the yogurt and introduce it to the market in 1947. But it wasn’t until the health-food craze in the 50’s and 60’s that yogurt really got it’s popularity in the United States. Now you can find yogurts such as; kefir, Greek style yogurt, Swiss and fruit yogurts in almost every grocery store.

Yes! Yogurt!
Attestations of the benefits you can get from yogurt have been stated above, so make the best use of it. Remember to always check the label to get the best yogurt for your diet. Be a Yogurt lover and have a healthy life!

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