25 Interesting Avengers Facts You Didn’t Know

The first avengers movie was produced in 1999, followed by an animated film “The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” in 2010. After a year, people got extremely excited when they heard that there was an upcoming live-action movie of the Marvel comics, which was to be filmed in 2012. Since then, people’s interest in following the superhero team skyrocketed.

Moreover, these are just few bits of information about the top grossing superhero movie of all time. Let’s look at some more facts that you might not have heard of or observed. Here are 25 interesting facts about the Avengers movie.

Iron Man Does Unscripted Eating

It sounds funny, but it happened. Robert Downey Jr. put food anywhere in the lab and ate it during the shoot , though it’s not part of the script. What’s even cooler? He offered it to his co-actors when they were acting. So, if you saw him eating in the movie, he’s eating because he’s hungry not because it’s part of the story.

Roar Sound Of The Hulk Was Dubbed

During the making of the Avengers, they could not get the perfect roar sound of the Hulk, so Marvel decided to alter it using the recorded voice of the original Hulk, Lou Ferrigno. This respected actor played the character of The Incredible Hulk on a TV show (1978). He also played as a security guard and voiced the Hulk in 2008 The Incredible Hulk.


Avengers Facts

Tom Hiddleston (Loki) Supposed To Play The Role Of Thor

Tom auditioned to be Thor in the Avengers movie. He even started a diet to physically play the character of Thor. However, they then decided to give him the character of Loki, since he’s seemed perfect for the role.

Clint Barton Is An Ambidextrous Archery Shooter

Hawkeye had been seen in the 2011 Thor movie shooting with his right hand. And, extraordinarily, he was shooting with his left and right hand in the Avengers movie.

Chris Evan Was Once Uncomfortable With His Line

The line “I understood that reference” made Chris Evan think of his character as unintelligent and that the movie fans would react to this line like he reacted to it. But, he felt alright when he saw the audiences’ reaction, which turned out to be insanely cool.


Chris Hemsworth Had To Maintain His Diet Throughout The 2011 Movie Thor

To flawlessly play the character of Thor, Chris needed to continue the diet he practiced during the production of Thor (2011) till the making of this film. He had to eat foods that have enough protein.

Robert Downey Did An Ad-Lib

When Robert Downey Jr. said, “That man is playing Galaga!”. It wasn’t really in the script. Since it worked great, Joss Whedon had to insert an image of a man playing Galaga.


Robert Downey Earned More In This Movie

The actor’s salary for this Avengers movie was doubled compared to the entire cast. It was also 100 folds more than his salary in Iron Man 1. However, for the reason that he previously had a drug abuse record, 40% of his payment was initially held until all the production was completed.


Police Car Skidding Was Unscripted

The German police car seen skidding in the movie was supposed to flip over. This was after Loki flashes it.


The Avengers Cast Are All For Fun And Going Out Together

Every time they worked in the same place for the movie, they would go out and have fun after it. Actually, they’ve been friends since the production of the movie.


Scarlett Johansson Chose The Avengers Over The Total Recall Movie

Scarlett was supposed to be part of Total Recall, but she turned down the movie because she wanted to play the role of Black Widow instead.


The Movie Earned $1,001,921,825

Before this movie, The Dark Knight (Batman) was the highest grossing movie. However, it was beaten by the Avengers, as it earned more than a whopping 1 billion dollars.


Edward Norton Didn’t Get The Character Of The Hulk

Marvel was looking for a cast that had a collaborative and creative character that Norton lacked. Though this had been a bit of the issue, some also said that it was due to money disagreements as why he wasn’t in the movie.

Some Japanese Got Offended With The Tagline “Hey Japan, This Is A Movie”

The Avengers promotional posters in Japan that have a tagline” Hey Japan, this is a movie” induced some known Japanese to react to this. Such was the Japanese novelist Toshihiko Yahagi saying that it’s offensive. According to the novelist, “Having an American say, ‘Hey Japan, this is a movie’ was deeply unpleasant.

Jasper Sitwell Was In The Movie

This fictional character was seen in the 2014 Captain America movie also appeared in this earlier Avengers movie. He appeared on the scene where agents were looking for Loki via facial recognition technology.


Loki’s Stunned Expression Was Created By Dir. Marc Chu

When Hulk knocked up Loki, he was left with a beaten and shocked expression. This was created by Marc Chu, an animation director, by violently and repeatedly shaking the actor, Tom Hiddleston.


Shawarma Sales Boomed Because Of The Avengers

Robert Downey Jr. suggested adding the scene where they were at a shawarma restaurant. Because of this, some places like Los Angeles, St. Louis and Boston said to have an increase in shawarma sales.


Joe Carnahan Was Supposed To Direct The Movie

Joe Carnahan who directed the A-Team movie was supposed to direct this film.

Ant-Man And Wasp Were Not In The Movie

The two characters, who were originally part of the team were taken out. Joss Whedon said that there would have been a lot of characters in the movie if they were used.

There Was One Scene Similar To A Scene In Buffy The Vampire Slayer

During the opening scene of Captain America, he was punching a bag in the gym. In this scene, he hit the heavy bag so hard that it fell to the ground. This was also seen in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, when she was in the gym, punching the bag very hard that it fell to the ground. This Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie was also directed by Joss Whedon.


Olympic Archers Had To Train Jeremy Renner

Jeremy Renner had to be trained by Olympic archers to correctly play the character of Hawkeye. It was hard for him because he is left-handed and Hawkeye uses both hands whilst shooting. He had to adapt to shooting with both hands which is not an easy task.


Robert Downey Improvised One Of Iron Man’s Line

The line “Let’s just not come in tomorrow” was improvised by Robert. This also was the case for the line “Doth mother know thou weareth her drapes.

Gwyneth Paltrow Is Taller Than Robert Downey Jr.

As seen in the movie, Robert Downey Jr. was wearing an estimated 3 to 4 inches shoes, and Gwyneth not wearing any footwear. It’s done for Robert to look taller than Gwyneth.


Avengers Facts: Wasp Was Supposed To Be In The movie

In the early draft of the script, she was in it. But then, she was supplanted by Black Widow.

”Chitauri”: A Zulu Mythology

This name was taken from Zulu mythology that refers to a “serpent race from the sky”.

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