21 Batman Facts For The Die Hard Fans

21 Batman Facts For The Die Hard Fans

No doubt that there have been a lot of fictional characters that sparked our imagination. And, some of them became very popular for decades, as different generations have been following them. One of the best examples is the character of Batman.

Millions of viewers and readers became addict fans who regularly checked every bit of information about the ‘Bats’. But, other than information about Bruce Wayne as the secret identity of Batman, and that he doesn’t own any superpowers, here are some interesting facts that perhaps you may not know about Batman or his background.

Batman Followers Killed Robin

In the storyline “Death in the Family”, Robin was tricked by his biological mother by turning him over to The Joker. However, both the mother and Robin were captured by The Joker, and held them as bait so that Batman would come to save the day and rescue them. This spine-chiller scene encouraged the DC comics to ask the audiences if the sidekick’s outcome, should he die or stay alive. A count of 5,343 fans voted to get Robin killed in that scene. Furthermore, he reappeared in the 2005’s episode to take revenge against The Joker.


Frank Sinatra Wished To Have The Role “The Joker”

Batman TV show had prospered during 1960’s so much that even the famous singer Frank Sinatra asked to play the role of The Joker. Unfortunately, the role was already given to Cesar Romero. This was a bit of a disappointment to Frank, but say the saying goes; ‘the show must go on’.

Batman Used A Machine Gun

Part of Batman’s character he does not use real guns and bullets to kill people. But, in the 1939 original Batman comic, he killed some of the henchmen of Hugo Strange using a machine gun. Check this out in the Batman comic issue #1 for this scene.


It’s Not True That He Doesn’t Kill People

Same as in 1939 original Batman comics, Batman had killed a number of criminals. One specific scene is when he broke the neck of the Cossack by kicking his head through a window.


Robin Supposed To Appear Once

Supposedly, Robin should only be in an issue as a market strategy trial of Bob Kane. As a matter of fact, editor Jack Liebowitz opposed to this idea, thinking that Batman is way better without a sidekick kid. But surprisingly, the sales of the comic issue where Robin is introduced, doubled. So, the character of Robin stayed in the following issues.

Batman Got To See Hitler

Fighting against the Nazi had been common to the superheroes during World War II. Though Batman was able to fight Nazis when they came to Gotham City, but he only got to meet Adolf Hitler once. On the cover of World’s Finest#9, Batman and his friends are throwing tennis balls at Der Fuhrer.

The Director Of The First Batman Film Was Andy Warhol

Even without DC Comics’ consent, a non-sound black and white film of Batman Dracula had been aired as part of an exhibition in 1964, before the 1966 Batman film. It was produced and directed by Andy Warhol. It was not publicly released but some scenes were used in a 2006 documentary film.


Batman’s Cape Was Inspired By One Of Da Vinci’s Creations

While some parts of Batman’s costume were based from the radio character The Shadow, his wings’ design was ideally taken from the Ornothopter flying vehicle of Leonardo Da Vinci.

Batman Really Exists

Though it is not pronounced as the “Batman” character, in marvelous Turkey, there exists a town called Batman. Huseyin Kalakan, standing mayor of the city Batman, almost filed a case against the Warner Bros. for not asking permission for using the name.


Bruce Wayne Was Named After The Names Of Remarkable Men

Bruce Wayne originated from the names of two significant people. The name Bruce was from the national hero of the Scottish people, while Wayne was taken from the Americans’ hero Mad Anthony Wayne. No doubt this is why Batman is a total badass superhero, right? With such great names comes great responsibility.


Gotham City Was Taken From A Jewelers

Naming characters and places of Batman Comics is definitely challenging. It took passion, time and artistry. Believe it or not, Gotham city was unexpectedly created through scanning a phone book? Bill Finger took it from the name “Gotham Jewelers”.

Batman And Wolverine Combined

In 1996, Batman was merged with Wolverine. The merged created a character called Dark Claw or Logan Wayne. After seeing his parents murdered, Logan Wayne was sent to an orphanage run by nuns in Canada. He was then given to the Weapon X project where he became a mutant.


Bruce Wayne Has A Shocking $7 Billion

Based o Forbes (The Fictional 15), the Waynes of Gotham City have $7 Billion. Bruce Wayne inherited this amount from his parents.


Ben Affleck Became Superman And Batman

To wear the suits of Batman and Superman is an awesome thing. This is one thing Ben Affleck has experienced that no other actor has. He once played the role of Superman in the fictional 2006 movie Hollywoodland while he also played as Batman in the 2016 Batman vs Superman movie.

You Can Take Up A Batman College Course

If you want to learn The Science of Batman, you can take the course at the University of Victoria in Canada. They absolutely offer a real Batman course. But, of course, you need to be an official student of the university first.


Batman Has An Online Screen Name

You wouldn’t think that Batman has an online Screen name, right? Well, he does, and it’s JonDoe297.


Batman’s Mother Is The Joker

In the version of Flashpoint, Martha Wayne is The Joker. It started when she wasn’t able to cope with the emotions of her son’s (Bruce Wayne) death. She then created a fake smile by cutting her face and becoming The Joker.


Bruce Wayne Is The Top 46th Sexiest Male

Based on ComicsAlliance, Bruce is the 46th sexiest cartoons’ male character.


Hero Batman Did Exist In Reality

Inspired by the Batman character Leonard B. Robinson, a real life hero, imitates Batman to cheer up children in the hospitals, schools and make them happy. Due to his awesome work he was given the title of “The Baltimore Batman”.


IMAX Cameras Were Broken During Batman Shooting

One of the actors’ double accidentally broke an IMAX camera. It was the second time that IMAX camera had been unexpectedly smashed during the shoots.



Ever Wondered Where Gotham City is On The Map?

Here is a look at where Gotham City lies on the map. Look how close it is to Metropolis so no wonder we now see the Superman and Batman crossovers.

Lots of references place Gotham City as being in New Jersey. This map gives the Gotham City and Metropolis positions from across a bay. One map showing Gotham City in relation to Metropolis, the home of Superman, published in New Adventures of Superboy #22 (October 1981), placed Gotham City and Metropolis on opposite sides of a large bay. In Swamp Thing vol. 2, #53 (October 1986) the geography of Rhode Island was the basis of another map of Gotham City. The current definitive maps of Gotham City are those based on the ones produced for the “No Man’s Land” story arc. (source:

That being said, it is debateable as to the exact location of Gotham City. There has never been a definitive location but we thought the above fact was super cool and needed to be discussed amongst the ‘Bat’ fans.

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