20 Predator Facts You Need To Know

20 Predator Facts You Need To Know

We all know the movie Predator is a science fiction action horror film directed by John McTiernan. Lead actor Arnold Schwarzenegger tirelessly played as an elite force, and co-actor Kevin Peter Hall as the antagonist extraterrestrial life form; The movie was created 29 years ago and we all know about these facts and there’s no denying about that. But, what we don’t know are the facts that remained hidden behind the camera.

We have searched high and low about the movie and found several trivia and facts regarding the movie. Some facts are funny, others are about the casts and some are mistakes from the film. These things that you’ve missed are worth reading since this will give you more in depth information about the movie we all love. Here are 20 things you need to know about Predator the movie that even the fanatic Predator fan didn’t know.

Let’s go with the suit first.
  1. Did you know that the gurgle sound of the Predator was inspired from a horseshoe crab? Peter Cullen, who was responsible behind the horse-shoe-crab-inspired gurgle. Cullen who thought the Predator creature resembled a “horseshoe crab” remembered as a kid how if you turned one over they would “gurgle” and that became the Predator’s “sound”.
  2. Did you know that before he took the voice-over of Predator he was also the beastly voice-over of King Kong and Optimus Prime from the movie Transformers.



  1. James Cameron also contributed designs for the Predator’s mandibles. By chance, the design was adopted by Stan Winston when James Cameron saw the sci-fi creature and expressed his interest in designing odd mandibles.
  2. Stan Winston – the designer of the robot skeleton on The Terminator of Arnold – changed the original suit of the Predator which according to director McTiernan, the suit looked like a bug-eyed insect and thought it wasn’t scary enough.
  3. The new suit weighed 200 pounds. Kevin Peter Hall was a lot of weight, which was a lot of weight for Kevin Peter Hall, the seven foot tall ballet dancer, martial arts expert, and actor they brought on to replace Van Damme.


  1. Who would have thought that the Predator film was the breeding ground of Governorship? Arnold Schwarzenegger as Governor of California spread his Governor seed. So did Jesse Ventura as run for the Governor of Minnesota, and was elected. Another actor from the film tried to run for Governorship but didn’t win the race was – Sonny Landham. Therefore, Predator is one of only four movies ever featuring two United States governors with roles as actors. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jesse Ventura also appear in the movie The Running Man (1987), which was released the same year as this film.
  2. The first Predator was supposed to be played by Jean-Claude Van Damm but after a couple of days he backed-out from the set due to the undesirable suit; he said that he didn’t want to be a ‘special effect’, so he quit.

  1. The original title of the movie was Hunter, but when Van Damme quit, it was changed to Predator when Kevin Peter Hall came to replace Van Damme.


Other Facts


  1. The film was entirely shot South of the border. The location was locally shot in the jungles of Mexico. However, because the Mexican jungle is deciduous, tons of fake leaves had to be added to the trees in order to make the jungle seem lush and inescapable.
  2. Shane Black was not entirely hired as an actor but for his expertise on writing scripts. It was an intentional plan so that Black could add script while on set. He was also the famous writer of Iron Man 3 and Lethal Weapon.
  3. The commando look was inspired by the comic book Sgt. Rock which Hawkins read at the end credits.
  4. Ventura’s GE M134 minigun was not real, it didn’t shoot live ammo but for security purposes, the cast and crew had to stand 50 feet away when it was fired.
  5. The Predator’s heat vision was actually not heat vision. Filmmakers did try to use real heat vision but it was impractical in the location so they shot on a normal camera and changed the image into a negative so they could emphasize the body heat temperature.
  6. Predator’s blood was made from glow sticks. The blood effects were originally color orange but it didn’t look good on the camera so they decided to change it into a luminescent liquid which could be bought over the counter.



  1. Factual mistake – The Predator saw in his heat vision the drop of the scorpion’s body temperature from bright to dark. This is not correct since scorpions are a cold-blooded creatures that have an ambient temperature that predators should notbe able detect at all.
  2. Visible equipment from the crew – This happened when Arnold was getting smashed by the Predator; reflections of camera and cables were seen on the face.

More Facts

  1. The sidearms of the troopers were Desert Eagle handguns.
  2. The crew suffered from diarrhea because the hotel they stayed in Mexico had water purification problems and only Arnold and John McTiernan didn’t experience this bad fate.
  3. The film was inspired by a joke. This happened when Rocky IV was a success and jokes around Hollywood were all about Rocky’s next opponent which could be an E.T.
  4. Anna says the Predator is called “El que hace trofeos de los hombres… The demon who makes trophies of men.”. “El que hace trofeos de los hombres” is actually Spanish for “Which makes trophies of men.” The correct translation would be “El demonio que hace trofeos de los hombres.”


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