11 Reasons Why You Still Have That Little Belly Fat

11 Reasons Why You Still Have That Little Belly Fat

You’ve been trying hard to eliminate that balky belly fat for a long time, but it’s still there like a bouncy jelly ball? We absolutely understand that it sometimes exasperates you but you probably must not have done every proper procedure to have that stunning body you always wanted. Just stay positive! This article is made to answer your frustrations. The following could be the possible reasons and answers to getting your disturbing belly fat kicked off.

Gut Problem

Every part of your body is connected and operates in conjunction with other body parts and if certain of them don’t function well then automatically others are affected. The same principle applies to your stomach. There is what we call the ‘gut flora’ and this affects your metabolism. Gut flora is a community of bacteria in your stomach. They can make you fat or lean and this depends on the intake of your nutrients. When you eat food with a lot of sugars, carbs and consume low fiber foods then you’ll most likely have more belly fat, as the food that you eat feeds the bacteria that makes you chubby.

So what can you do to solve this problem? Well, make sure that the food you consume suits the good bacteria. So, preferably, have some probiotic yogurt. It will be great for your gut and help you become slim.


Protection of your body from external attacks is one of the purposes of internal body parts’ inflammation. However, if you are eating foods with more sugars, high level of oils, fats, plus prolonged stress and not have enough sleep, then it will worsen the inflammation in your body. This inflammation will make you gain weight or look overweight and possibly could lead to having chronic diseases. And, surely, this is one of the reasons why you’re not having that slender body.

Now, here’s what you can do. Eliminate food that has a high level of allergens, fats, oils, and sugars. Then, try an anti-inflammatory diet such as berries and green leafy vegetables. Also make sure that you don’t stress yourself too much. Having rest is crucial to losing weight therefore make sure you get sufficient amount of sleep.

Ineffective Calorie Burning

One more reason why you still have that little belly fat is because of your calorie intake. Inside your body, there is what we call white and brown types of fat cells. The white ones assist your body to gain more weight while the brown ones help your body combat against excess weight. At this time, what you need to do is to gain more melatonin that helps produce more brown fat cells. This can be done through having enough sleep and doing proper exercise.

Improper Digestion

Digestion is the process of breaking of food into nutrients. Now if the food is not properly digested it will get stock or will not properly pass resulting in it not going through the entire system. It will even get wasted rather than get turned into nutrients. So, if the nutrients are not properly absorbed, resulting in you being tired most of the time and becoming bloated.

For this, you must have enough fiber and probiotics to absorb proper nutrients.

Having Insulin Resistance

Having more sugar in your body means in these sugars aiding in you gaining fat. These may be from the free-floating fats that come from the excess insulin. This insulin resistance is the reaction of having more sugar in our body. You can combat this by lifting weights as this can help you lessen this.

Choosing The Wrong Healthy Food

Sometimes, you do choose to grab foods from a convenient store relying on the healthy marks they endorse. Moreover, you forget to check the label if it has the nutrients that you need. You don’t anticipate that maybe it has a high amount of sugar, fat, and calories.

Therefore, from now on, start to check the label or you can even ask someone if it has the nutrients that you require.

You Are Used To Eating Nuts

Surely, nuts give you some health benefits but, eating too much of these will make you fat. This is because nuts contain macronutrients and most of them are fats. You can easily munch through a bag of nuts in one sitting considering but consider that these are small and you can lose count of how many you have consumed. Always remember to eat moderately! Rule of thumb is to eat a handful and no more, as doing so the fatty macronutrients will benefit you in a good healthy way.

You Are Doing The Wrong Abs Exercise

Doing a lot of exercise for your abs is not the way going about losing that belly fat. Building muscle under your fat will give the appearance of your belly looking bigger therefore So, what experts say is to do full body work outs to burn fat overall and maybe you can first build a strong lower body, which is the largest muscle group. Then, eliminating of other fat sources should follow easily.

Prioritizing Cardio Than Lifting Weights

Some fitness masters say that the secret of losing weight is to build muscle first. Building muscle will give you more energy. And, you having energy will help you burn horrible fat sources. This can cause you to be stronger which could send signals to your body to carry more weight/fat. Lifting weights is a way to tone a body, sculpt it and get stronger. Cardio exercises aid quicker fat loss and should be the preferred method of losing that extra belly fat.

You Are A Paleo Diet Follower

Basically, women need only 46 grams of protein, but if you follow the Paleo diet you may have more of this. You have to consider that the foods your ancestors ate are different from what we have right now. For example, you are eating processed meat compared to the meat they had. Consider the differences and it all makes sense. Follow what is right for your body and not what cave people ate. Their lifestyle was different therefore we cannot follow a pre-dated diet plan for a modern lifestyle.

More Spices For A Happier Life

Most of the spices do not just boost your eating, but they also have spectacular counts of phytonutrients, essential oils, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. All of these aid you to have an exciting healthy life. Therefore, for a start, use some turmeric in your recipes. It’s good for digestion and fights inflammation.

Also, you can try adding small amounts of the following for a healthy diet all helping your process in losing that belly fat:

  • Ginger
  • Cinnamon
  • Cayenne
  • Mustard seed
  • Black Pepper

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