10 Things You Didn’t Know About Taylor Swift

"Photoz by Theo Wenner, boy genius. Rolling Stone." ©
“Photoz by Theo Wenner, boy genius. Rolling Stone.” ©

If you’re not a Taylor Swift fan then you may want to read this list.

If you believe that you already know everything about Taylor Swift, you may want to reconsider as we give you 10 facts about Taylor Swift you probably didn’t know.

Here are 10 of Taylor Swift’s amazing, funny, and rare facts.

1. “My lucky number is 13.”

Taylor Swift revealed with Us Weekly, a weekly celebrity and entertainment magazine based in New York City, that indeed, her lucky number is 13. She also considers 31 to be lucky because it’s still 13, only backwards. Aside from that, she also said that numbers 89, 26, and 39 are also her charm.

2. Her first job was debugging Christmas trees on her parents’ farm.

Yes, Taylor Swift did that. The super talented singer/songwriter spent her early years of life on a Christmas tree farm in Cumru Township, Pennsylvania. And that’s where she learned keeping their Christmas tree farm clear of bugs.

Taylor Swift aged 12, with braided hair. ©Facebook/TaylorSwift.
Taylor Swift aged 12, with braided hair. ©Facebook/TaylorSwift.

3. “I used to keep hermit crabs as pets when I was a kid.”

Sure, we all have different preferences when it comes to choosing our pets. But, thinking about hermit crabs… why not? Swift said that on one summer occasion, she lost her pet hermit crab at the shore before she left for school. Then one winter, she came back to the house only to find her pet hermit crab wandering around and still alive. Yay!


4. She learned how to play a twelve-string guitar before ever picking up a six-string guitar.

At about 12 years old, a computer repairman taught Swift how to play three chords on a guitar, inspiring her to write her first song, “Lucky You”.
Taylor bypassed the six-string guitar and learned to play the twelve-string version.
FYI, playing a six-string guitar is already quite difficult, frustrating and it also hurts your fingers. So good luck with a 12-string guitar.


5. “Life is full of little interruptions”

Taylor Swift with Kanye West. ©Getty Images/ Kevin Mazur.
Taylor Swift with Kanye West. ©Getty Images/ Kevin Mazur.

That phrase is the caption written underneath of a framed photograph hanging in her Nashville home. The photograph is of the very memorable Kanye West incident.


6. She was an aspiring novelist.

During her teenage years, she spent an entire summer writing a novel about a shark that washed up on the dock of her family’s shore house. She also had previously won a national poetry contest with a poem titled “Monster in My Closet”.

"I didn't know 'kangaroo selfies' were a thing. But they are and this is one.” ©Facebook/TaylorSwift.
“I didn’t know ‘kangaroo selfies’ were a thing. But they are and this is one.” ©Facebook/TaylorSwift.

7. “My favorite stone is an opal.”

The reason behind this was back when she was bullied in school. Her mom would take her to T.J. Maxx after school to look at the opal jewelry. “I thought opals were so beautiful and somehow it made me feel better. We never bought them, just looked”, Swift said.


8. “I Love Sushi.”

Some hate sushi due to the acquired taste and some medical “threats”. But Taylor Swift loves it. She said that she once ate an actual seaweed at the beach as a child and it left a lasting bad impression on her. That’s why she usually asks for soy paper instead of seaweed paper when ordering sushi.


9. “I Used To Have A Pug Named Nelly.”

Taylor Swift with Nelly. ©
Taylor Swift with Nelly. ©

Swift confessed that her pug was named after the rapper, Nelly, because she really liked him. She didn’t tell him about it though when they performed together on her tour. Will Nelly take it as a compliment?


10. “It Was The First Time I Was Maid-Of-Honor.”

The wedding photo. ©
The wedding photo. ©

There’s a first time for eveything – Taylor Swift was maid-of-honor for Britany’s wedding, her childhood best friend. She went to kindergarten with her husband.

And that’s the end of the list. One more thing though, did you know that she also has recurring stress dreams, including one about getting arrested for a crime she didn’t commit?
Don’t feel bad if you’re a huge Taylor Swift fanatic and you didn’t know, even one, on the list. Keep extending – Learn everyday!

Bonus: Believe it or not – Taylor Swift can’t watch pocahontas without crying!

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